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Monthly Summary

High level view of your trends from a company, regional, branch and Property Manager level. Critical for understanding those qualities which add or detracts business value. This includes property acquisitions and losses, vacancies, property churn, arrears, average management tenure, inspection completion rates, NPS scores and much more.

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Property Manager Summary

A summary of a Property Managers portfolio including the status of individual properties plus headline metrics and comparisons against company wide performance averages.

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Rankings Report

Ranking regions, branches and individual Property Managers based on specific performance markers including Total Managements, Net Gain in Managements, Revenue Growth, Vacancy Rates, Arrears, Inspections and NPS scores. Available in monthly and annual summaries.

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Performance Comparisons

Choose specific branches or Property Managers and directly compare the performance qualities which differentiate strong and weak performers.

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Financial Reports

A focus on the financial aspects of the business including fee breakdowns and Property Manager commissions, with one-click ability to trace revenue lines down to the contributing Property Manager.

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Company Performance

A view of key performance markers relative to your KPIs set for the year at a regional, branch and Property Manager level.

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Gains and Loss

See business gained and lost by the company over a financial year. Also available at a regional, branch and property manager level.

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Property Maps

View regional, branch or Property Manager portfolios on a map. Isolate properties in arrears or by rental value. Visualise properties by time under management, or asses your portfolio boundaries.

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