Success Story: RUGBY PASS

Understanding Behaviour at an Individual Level

The One Thing

Rugby Pass is a growing business based in Singapore. It offers week, month and annual passes to global rugby competitions, for customers who are based in countries within the Asian region.

With such an array of rugby fixtures and competitions, The One Thing Rugby Pass wanted to know was; how do they tailor their communications, so individuals on the service get the most personal updates of upcoming events?

The Solution

Using all the data from within Rugby Pass’ internal systems, mail provider (Mail Chimp), as well as aggregating the information from their third-party platform partner, Delft were able to create an engagement profile of every single customer who had ever used, or were going to use the service.

This meant that on a daily basis, every customers viewing habits were adding to the story of what particular teams, tournaments and countries each customer favoured.

Delft automated these insights, so the Rugby Pass team could see an up-to-date breakdown of their customers’ interests.


Rugby Pass now had their data structured in a way which meant they could communicate very specifically to their customers, what events and games were coming up that would interest them the most.

Delft created a way to automatically send emails to specific customer based on their interests, through Rugby Pass’ Mail Chimp account. The accuracy of the communications meant their customers began engaging with the service far more than previously.

It also guided the stories and news items the Rugby Pass team placed on their site, as they now knew which teams and players were the most likely to be read and clicked on.