Success Story: Flicks

Facebook, Google and the Late Bolter

“These insights were exactly what we wanted, but couldn’t do ourselves. Delft helped me understand from a revenue perspective, which parts of our site we needed to pay more attention to.”
- Paul Scantlebury, Founder & General Manager.

The One Thing

The Flicks website is a cinema-goers dream.
Huglely popular in both Australia and New Zealand, Flicks is the go-to site and app for people wanting to find out where and when to watch a movie, watch trailers, read about the cast, or get inspired for date night.

Flicks’ revenue stream is almost entirely derived from the advertising dollar derived from on-site and in-app media and sponsorship.

The One Thing Flicks wanted to understand; As revenue is not directly created by customers, how do they accurately measure segments and behaviours which are most valuable to advertisers, and therefore, their own business.



Tapping into the various areas where Flicks’ data was housed; within Advertising Platforms, Google Analytics, on-site behaviour and within their own accounting systems, Delft began to craft an understanding in variations of users, both in on-site habits, but also where they came from.

There were two big insights within this data, which had major influence over a customer's inherent value.;

The first, was the understanding of how the gap between App vs. Website users had widened to such a point, that Flicks were now earning almost twice as much for every app users visit, and growing.
When projected over an entire year - the revenue from an App user was worth 1,830% more than web.

Secondly, when looking at where the visitors originated, there was a 1,200% difference from the lowest marketing channel to the highest, in terms of value to the business.


Flick, who were generally aware of the trends within their business, and the growth of their Apps’ influence, now had a way to pinpoint the exact value of each key parts their customer engagement points, within each platform.


By having the ability to value a customer from their marketing origin, gave Flicks the insight they needed to concentrate marketing channels more effectively, increasing resource to those who gave them the most value in return, potentially adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to their revenue.

The Next Steps

The next steps delved even further; discovering how their revenue shifts, depending on exactly what and where a customer engages within flicks, both on-site and in-app. In other words; which set of behaviours from customers, while using Flicks, makes for the best generation of revenue for the business.

All this, and more, will be discovered as Delft and Flicks continue to delve deeper into their data and trends.