Success Story: Allergenics

Doubling monthly revenue using Delft insights.

“These guys are one of our most important partnerships we have.”
- Rob Berman, Director, Allergenics

The One Thing

Allergenics is an online business, selling allergy tests direct to consumers, and through a network of practitioners. 12 months ago, they decided to set themselves an ambitious growth target.

Allergenics knew to do this, they needed far greater insight into their data, to understand what areas of the business would be driving their growth strategy.

103% sales within 12 months.

The one thing Allergenics knew, was that they didn’t want a plug-and-play data insights tool, they wanted customised insights, focussing on where revenue growth would come from.

136% revenue.

The Solution

The Delft team collated all the various data points that Allergenics had; customer and practitioner behaviour, sales data, marketing information, and, Podio or Globiflow outputs.

248% delays in critical reporting times.

Will all this collated, the Delft team created a series of customised dashboards, which included a predictive sales insight, allowing Allergenics to pre-emptively stimulate sales channels that had shown signs of slowdown.

The Outcome

With great success, the team at Allergenics surpassed their targets, and more than doubled their monthly revenue, within 12 months of beginning work with Delft.

33% on average order value .

The team also uses specific dashboards to help specifically manage their important practitioner distribution channels, in order to scale their revenue growth quicker.

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