Success Story: Allergenics

Better Podio and Globiflow Dashboards for their business

“This was exactly the service I was after - the team at Delft have completed the loop when it comes to custom Globiflow dashboards.”
- Rob Berman, Director, Allergenics

The One Thing

Allergenics was an online business, looking to grow quickly. The team were committed to using Podio​ and Globiflow​, to streamline their website’s sales process. Allergenics focuses on selling allergy tests online, both directly to customers, and through their practitioner network.

To help drive clearer decisions, the one thing the team knew they needed, was an improvement to the dashboards that Podio or Globiflow offered.

103% sales within 12 months.

Allergenics needed the dashboards to be customised, to perfectly suit the nature of their business.

136% revenue.

The Solution

The Delft team collated all the Allergenics sales, transactional and customer data, including their Globiflow and Podio information.

Delft then created customised, and fully automated dashboards, for the Allergenics team to regularly access, and share with the entire business

248% reporting delay times.

The Outcome

Allergenics found the dashboards provided them the perfect complementary tool​ to the Podio and Globiflow products they already used. These detailed, up-to-the-minute insights, meant the team were able to quickly test ways to become more efficient within the complex operational aspects of their business.

33% average order value.

The live dashboards also meant the sales and marketing teams could react, instantly, to their individual campaigns performance, and quickly identify disengaged practitioners within their network.

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